Why You Should Really Consider Transit-Oriented Development

Let us face it...people are moving away (literally) from the idea of suburbs. Many Americans, especially young people, want to live where they can easily get to work, and have access to local hotspots and businesses. Therefore the idea of transit-oriented development (TOD) is very appealing because development near a transit station offers a mix of housing, employment, retail, and transportation choices.SF_transit Read more

5 Reasons Why Fremont is the Place to Build

1. Because the City of Fremont Wants You To Rendering of Fremont Downtown

Downtown Vision

Consider it an open invitation to you, from the City of Fremont. The City has a vision to build a vibrant downtown with new businesses and development, and to reward you, they have lowered the development impact fee by 50% for the downtown area (10% reduction in impact fees citywide), and they only collect impact fees at the time of occupancy, rather than at the time of building permit issuance. The Fremont Downtown Community Plan is focused on the area of approximately 110 acres that is located in central Fremont and bounded by Fremont Boulevard, Mowry Avenue, Paseo Padre Parkway, and Walnut Avenue. Read more