Bay Area Future Buildings– Apple’s new “spaceship” campus and Oakland’s Coliseum City

The Bay Area has two up-and-coming building projects that will be quite the spectacle once they are finished. The first–Apple’s new headquarters–promises to be the next home for the company for decades to come. The second, a planned massive redevelopment of East Oakland, Calif. called Coliseum City, claims to be the largest transit-oriented development project in California.spaceship-111206-9

A “green” Apple campus

The late Steve Jobs had a vision for Apple’s new headquarters, and about two and a half years later, this vision is coming to life as the Cupertino City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday Oct. 15 to allow the company to get to work on this project. The main four-story circular building (called Apple Campus 2) will be 2.8 million square feet and accommodate up to 12,000 employees.

Apple will transform the old 175-acre Hewlett-Packard campus that is currently 80 percent asphalt and buildings, into a campus that is 80 percent open space and parkland. Here are some environmentally sustainable aspects of the project, as taken from the Project Description submitted September 13:

  • 100% renewable energy throughout Apple Campus 2, with emphasis on on-site generation from photovoltaics and fuel cells. LED electric lighting, natural ventilation, and passive heating/cooling of building.
  • More than 6,000 trees will be planted on the site, in addition to retaining the approximately 1,000 trees that are currently on the site.
  • About 84% of parking spaces provided on-site will be located in sub-grade levels or in a parking structure, to create more permeable landscape and minimize heat island effect.

Coliseum City

The Coliseum City project is still in the planning stages, but Oakland City officials are optimistic that the plans will turn into reality, now that additional capital partners have come to the development team. The project could cost $2 billion, and it involves the redevelopment of 800 acres surrounding the existing Oakland Coliseum Complex, the home of the Oakland A’s and Oakland Raiders sports teams. This land is located on both sides of Interstate 880 and also includes a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station.

Would you like to know why it is called Coliseum “city?” Well it certainly sounds big–up to three new professional sports stadiums, 6,000 residential housing units, and 14 million square feet of commercial development space are in the plans. This is supposed to be a new regional destination and entertainment district for Oakland–and also be a transit-oriented development because of the BART station.

The development team for Coliseum City must now create financial plans for the project, negotiate with the resident sports teams, and develop a strategy for acquiring properties.

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