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Kamal-TF-Fremont-site-inspectionWe are civil and structural engineers located in Fremont, California, and we are in business to help our clients improve the land in a way that fulfills their vision.

We offer creative solutions to assist clients so they can complete their projects expeditiously and economically. Let us know how we can help you on your project. We wil be in touch very soon.

For your reference, our engineering services include:

Civil Engineering Services                             Structural Engineering Services
• Development Planning & Design • Building Design
• Site Planning • Seismic Analysis and Upgrades
• Grading and Drainage • Building Modernization
• Utility Systems • Earthquake Damage Repair
• Water Resources • Fire Damage Repair
• Clean Water Design • Analysis and Evaluation of Structures
• Best Management Practices • Bridge Design
• Storm Water Management • Special Structures
• QSD/QSP Services • Plan Checks
• Street Improvements • Construction Technical Services
• Roadway Design • Failure Analysis
• Assessment Districts • Expert Witness
• Mapping
• Hydraulic Studies
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